Housing is a basic need.

In Belgium, the demand for traditional real estate continues to rise. The main cause is the increase in population. More and more people are looking for a quality rental property, and that naturally offers opportunities for those who consider real estate as an investment.

Building-land is becoming scarce, the population is increasing and families are shrinking, so we know with certainty that the need for homes and apartments will increase considerably in the coming years.

Value retention

Over the past 37 years, property prices for apartments in the Flemish Region have risen by more than 5% on average per year. An apartment in 1975 costed on average 27,673 euros, in 2017 this was already 230,143 euros. The statistics speak for themselves. In contrast to the stock exchange market with higher peaks and deeper valleys, investing in real estate therefore remains a stable choice.

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Inflation resistant

Over the last 50 years, real-estate price increases (averaged out over 5 years) have always been higher than inflation. This makes real estate just as safe as bonds and savings certificates, but the return on real estate is significantly higher.

Stable rend

This pretty certain income enables you to pay off your loan and you can accumulate capital with money from the bank instead of your own money.

The next article will tackle the "financial aspect" of employees investing in Real Estate. Make sure you don´t miss it.

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